Tendon promotes active mountaineering which is not only a sport, philosophy or life style, but in addition represents the unrestrained forces of nature that stream across all senses of anyone who wants to know oneself through mountain climbing.

Tendon is not satisfied with standard solutions but tries to find the best solutions – we continue improving reliability and functionality of equipment for mountaineering, works at height as well as professional work of rescue teams.

Tendon does not stick in one place and doesnot only monitor technological development, but is an active part of research and development in the field of mountaineering, work at height and (unclear over free depth), rescue activities, and work of height specialists.

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  • Hattrick ropes use the Tendon Secure technology and have 4 layers. First a braided core together with a parallel core, a braided intermediate sheath, and finally the outer braided SBS sheath.
  • From the outside in you'll find a very smooth and durable sheath with 1 x 1 braiding. This sheath is designed to withstand constant abrasion on sandstone walls, it holds up great on indoor walls. The braided intermediate sheath is a safety feature that keeps the sheath from sliding down the core strands in the event the sheath is cut through. It also helps to keep the rope nice and round, along with the braided inner core, they keep the rope from getting flat spots.
  • Won't fuzz out quickly and won't get stiff and hard, making belaying difficult.
  • The Tendon Ambition 10.0 is a dynamic sport climbing rope that utilitises the Simple Braid System (SBS) construction with a perfect design.
  • Excellent handling, high resistance to abrasion and low weight are the special characteristics, which make this rope the top within its class.
  • SBS is a system where each strand is plaited separately into the sheath construction and not in a pair (tandem). SBS braiding makes the sheath surface much more compact & smooth. Therefore ropes made by SBS generate much lower friction, are more resistant to abrasion and last longer whilst in contact with rock.
  • The best compromise diameter with extraordinary durability and great technical performance make the rope suitable for all kinds of climbing activities.
  • Featuring Tendons Complete Sheild technology that protects the rope against water and abrasion, the Tendon Ambition makes use of a new progressive NANOTECHNOLOGY method where tiny particles of TEFLON®Eco are applied to the rope sheath and core and make a film of an almost impermeable protective layer. The rope's fibers are resultantly protected against dust and water which would normally cause harm to its construction.