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RM 180.00

Produced in 2009.
With long-distance piezo, this design maximize the flexibility and using area. 

Six foldable supporting legs and thickening S/S ensure the supporting and steady 

The total metal edges remind us of the transformers. With two-channel preheat 

and wind-screen design, this stove promise the most efficient and sufficient 

combustion and provide continual fire power.

It looks like the transformers in linkage folding supporters and the angular metal 

texture on surface.

With two-channel preheated design, this stove promise the most efficient and 

sufficient conbustion and provide continual fire power. The gas enter into preheat 

tube for preheat first, then pass through tube which is above burner top, burning 

after getting high temperature, so improve the rate of burning, and provide persisting 

and driving burning in different environment. The cartridge can be put upside down 

untill the gas is totally burning out.

Fission stove with far piezoelectricity is more agility and get more using range. 

The knob of valve can control the power exactly.

The cookware is more stability when cooking as the support legs come with tooth 


Six foldable supporting legs toward to three directions, ensure supporting and stability 

more better when using.



Name: Camping Stove

Size: Ø152×110mm(Ø96.6×70.2mm)

Weight: 308g

Power: 2450W