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RM 178.30

No matter what extreme weather,better solution always be developed.

Chilling wind can not imped our forwarding step.

FireMaple Raging stove,brave in face of cruel weather,with a strong 

wind-resistant heartRaging stove was newly released in 2013 by 

FireMaple, be able to hold in outdoor strong windy weather,lacking 

of wind-shield.Inovative wind-resistant cover made from high temperature 

stand time.Adopting minimalist design style,Raging stove is only 255 gram,

surprisingly hold up 90 kilogram.So,both soloing and group camping,

Raging stove will win your trust.It takes 3m35s to boiling 1 litre water 

by using Raging stove with 2900w maximum firepower

produce feature:

1.wind-resistant: clever design with a windwall and allied wind-cover,enable gas com-bust enough. wind-resistant construction,burning net,high temperature alloy

3.Ultra light: 255g, much more lighter than stoves from competitors. satisfied the demand of trekking and extreme outdoor environment

4.Raging fire: compact construction and 2900w firepower.Design of 

combustion net and infrared

5.Weight holding: match with all size cooksets perfectly,maximum 90 kg

6.high efficient: take 3m35s to boil 1litre water bag: save backpack space, easy to take gift : FMS-709 Flintstones