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Product detail:

  • Weight: 360g Place of Origin:China
  • Size: 102*220cm Color: Gray
  • Material: Thermolite

Introduction of Thermolite Fibre

This kind of fiber is a new type of fiber launched by Dupont.Now it belongs to Invista.

It imitates the polar bear’s villus and produces a kind of fiber which is hollow inside.It is said to have specially excellent thermal insulation performance. Each fiber contains much air, which forms a protective air layer, so it is not only can keep cold air out, but also can discharge moisture. Make the wearer’s body warm, dry, comfortable and light. Thermolite fiber fabric’s drying rate is about 2 times of the silk and cotton fabrics, so it is suitable to make mountaineering jacket, ski jacket, sleeping bags, etc.

ThermoLite advantages:

  1. Lasting thermal insulation performance
  2. Excellent moisture-permeable performance without chemical process
  3. Light weight frees human body
  4. Soft,comfortable without friction sense
  5. Excellently anti-shrink ,crease-resistant and fading resistant performance