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RM 66.90

Caravan and Awning Repair Kit in Box.

Contains Stormsure Glue and TUFF Tape so you can make repairs to low pressure water pipes, leaking awnings, plastic windows, seat covers, waterproof and airtight items in a matter of minutes.

Comes in a handy plastic box. Also contains a glue spreader and disposable plastic gloves so you can keep you hands clean and glue free.

Make repairs to awnings, tents, sleeping bags, wind proof and waterproof clothing and covers (such as trailer and boat covers). Patch cracked plastic buckets and bowls, airbeds.Permanently fix splits in welly boots, and leather shoes. Glue almost anything with Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive, from table legs to wetsuits. If you are going on holiday this is the one repair kit with which you can repair almost anything!