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RM 1,028.00


  • Four adjustable rubber supports keep the kayak stably secured during transport.
  • Sturdy straps keep the kayak firmly secured.
  • A rubber pad around the strap buckle protects the kayak and car from scratches during loading and transport.
  • 25kg load rating.
Load capacity Water Crafts1 kayak
Rubber cover for strap buckleRubber cover for strap buckle
Length of strap (cm)2 x 400cm
Fits Thule Wing BarsFits Thule Wing Bars
Fits Thule Aero BarsFits Thule Aero Bars
Fits Thule Professional BarsFits Thule Professional Bars
Fits Thule WingBar Edge BarsFits Thule WingBar Edge Bars
Fits Thule Square BarsFits Thule Square Bars
Fits Thule Slide BarsFits Thule Slide Bars
Fits RAB/Rhino Sportz BarsFits RAB/Rhino Sportz Bars
Fits Prorack Whisp BarsFits Prorack Whisp Bars
Fits Rola RBU series (universal T-track)Fits Rola RBU series (universal T-track)
Fits Rhino Commercial BarsNo fit
Fits Rola Sports BarsNo fit (use WA 878XT x 2, RRP $378.00)
LockableYes, Adapter Required (538XT, RRP $89.00)
TÜV ApprovedTÜV Approved
MiscellaneousAlso suitable for transporting crafts like surfboards and small boats.