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RM 670.00

Don't be fooled by its super-compact design: the SwissTool X is an entire toolbox elegantly packaged in a single sophisticated multi-tool. You'll find a million uses for this workhorse at home, at work or out in nature. Elegant and extremely handy, the SwissTool X is a real pleasure to use. Keep it close thanks to the nylon belt pouch, so you are always ready to face your next challenge.


  1. needle-nosed pliers
  2. screwdriver 2mm
  3. screwdriver 3mm
  4. wire cutters for wire up to a hardness of 40 HRc
  5. screwdriver 5mm
  6. cap lifter
  7. screwdriver 7.5mm
  8. blade
  9. scissors
  10. metal file
  11. metal saw
  12. wood saw
  13. reamer and punch
  14. Phillips screwdriver 1+2
  15. chisel/scraper
  16. strong crate opener
  17. wire bender
  18. wire stripper
  19. wire scraper
  20. can opener
  21. ruler (230mm)
  22. ruler (9 inches)
  23. electrical crimper
  24. hard wire cutter
  25. lanyard hole
  26. individual springs
  27. lock release