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  • 12V DC severe duty winch rated at 8,000 lb pulling meets or exceeds your expectations.
  • Heavy duty series wound motor equipped with thermal switch alters when motor over-heating.
  • 16 equally positioned pin holes with a stainless steel ergonomic T-handle make it possible to reposition in 22.5 degree Increments.
  • Fast, powerful and high efficiency performance.
  • Heavy duty series wound motor delivers superior torque output and faster line speed.
  • Submersible sealed contactor with silver-alloy contact pads, thick copper buss bars and submersible construction ensures weather resistance.
  • Secures cargo in your truck or on a trailer
  • Webbing includes 24 durable plastic hooks
  • Sealed crimp covers prevent rust
  • For truck beds up to 8' long

Length: 6 feet
Breaking Strength: 1,800lbs
Coated J-hook 

  • Size : 60" x 78"
  • Hook : 28 G-hooks 
  • Diameter : 6mm